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Premium American Made Ejuice

Premium American Made Ejuice


Raspberry, Dark Chocolate & Caramel

Confessions is a blend of Raspberry, Semisweet and Sinful Dark Chocolates with just a drizzle of Sweet Caramel to take away the edge.

When these flavors come together you have a sweet tangy Raspberry with a smooth, slightly sweet and rich Chocolate body. The Caramel undertones come thru as this eliquid steeps.

This blend is not over powering or too complex. At times you will taste one flavor over the other, but in the end... They all come from deep within the Confessions of your soul.

Flavor profile: Raspberry, Chocolate, Caramel, Tangy, Sweet

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60, 30 and 15 ml bottles are glass and come with a glass dropper. 5ml bottles are plastic.

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Sweet Shot CBD Isolate

Isolate 250 mg prices: 5ml $2.25 • 15ml $4.50 • 30ml $8.25 • 60ml $15 • 120ml $28
Isolate price has been reduced 45% and is exempt from further discounts, however eliquid portion can be discounted

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