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 USA Made CBD Isolate

Premium American Made Ejuice

Premium American Made Ejuice


Smooth South American Tobacco

South American Tobacco Eliquid

Primoroso is a bright flavorful South American tobacco that is very smooth tasting. It has hints of Vanilla and sweet Hazelnut that compliment this tobacco very well.

This is not a rugged or bold flavor but rather an aromatic crisp flavor.

Flavor profile: Mild, Smooth, Semi Sweet, Aromatic, Bright, Tobacco

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60, 30 and 15 ml bottles are glass and come with a glass dropper. 5ml bottles are plastic.

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Sweet Shot CBD Isolate

Isolate 250 mg prices: 5ml $2.25 • 15ml $4.50 • 30ml $8.25 • 60ml $15 • 120ml $28
Isolate price has been reduced 45% and is exempt from further discounts, however eliquid portion can be discounted

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