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Eliquid Ejuice Coupon Code

 USA Made CBD Isolate

Premium American Made Ejuice

Premium American Made Ejuice

Create Your Own Eliquid

Choose your flavor, blend and nicotine

Here you can create your own eliquid! Simply choose your primary flavor then choose a secondary flavor. You also have the option of adding a complimenting third flavor!

Select your nicotine, PG/VG ratio and whether or not to include sweetener to be added.

Choose your options

60, 30 and 15 ml bottles are glass and come with a glass dropper

Primary Flavor Secondary Flavor
Accent Flavor (just a hint)
Bottle Size PG/VG
Nicotine Quantity
Sweet Shot CBD Isolate

Isolate 250 mg prices: 15ml $8.50 • 30ml $16 • 60ml $31 • 120ml $59
Isolate is exempt from discounts, however eliquid portion can be discounted

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